Is page speed a ranking factor? Yes, it always was.

It’s now official that Google is including page speed in their search algorithm. In this article I will explain why page speed is and always was an important ranking factor.

Google has anounced that they added page speed as a factor in their search algorithm. But there has always been another factor that influenced the page rank of a slow website: The bouncing rate. It’s the moment where the user opens your website and hits the back button because your website was not able to deliver the content in an acceptable time.

How to improve my page speed?

First of all: Test your website with Google Pagespeed Insights. You should definitely target to have a green value in the mobile and desktop test result. The effort to optimize your site depends on various technical details but I’ll give you a rough estimation of effort. An experienced developer can optimize a small website with 1-10 pages in one day: